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Date Posted: 18 November 2016

Hemp Foods Australia is pleased to announce their intentions to launch Sativa Skincare, the world's first certified organic CBD based hemp skincare range.

Date Posted: 27 September 2016

Hemp Foods Australia has been named a finalist in Premier’s 2016 NSW Export Awards. The company will be recognized for its achievements at a gala dinner and award ceremony at The Star, Pyrmont on 26 October 2016.

Date Posted: 12 July 2016

Right now, growing industrial hemp is only legal in a handful of states if permitted by the state's Department of Agriculture. Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) still remains a Schedule 1 Narcotic. While selling, consuming, wearing, and processing...

Date Posted: 14 June 2016

HARRISBURG, PA — While sick Pennsylvanians anxiously await the outcome of an expected vote to legalize medical marijuana in the Pennsylvania House, lawmakers in the Senate voted unanimously to approve a bill to create an industrial hemp cultivation...

Date Posted: 18 May 2016

Buddhist monks who prayed in India’s Ellora Caves were surrounded by hemp, as plaster covering the shrines’ painted walls and ceilings was made of a mixture of cannabis, clay and lime, a new study has revealed.

In a recent article for Food Navigator - Asia CEO of Hemp Foods Australia and pioneer in the industry laid out his hopes for an expansive future for hemp sales in Australia.

Just days ago Ruth Schwager reported on an interview with Hemp Foods Australia chief executive officer Paul Benhaim for The Land on what a possible approval for hemp as a food product might mean for the Australian hemp industry.

February 1, 2017 – Byron Bay, Australia - Northern NSW based Hemp Foods Australia has received an abundance of media coverage over the past few years, documenting their expediential growth.

Hemp Foods Australia CEO Paul Benhaim was recently interviewed by US-based 'Cannabis Radio'.

It takes just 120 days to fully mature a hemp plant and everything from the flowers to the seeds to the stalks can be used by man. But let’s talk health, what kind of benefits does the addition of hemp food have on our health?