Hemp Foods America is building the supply chain and market for American grown hemp foods

Date Posted:12 July 2016 

Right now, growing industrial hemp is only legal in a handful of states if permitted by the state's Department of Agriculture. Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) still remains a Schedule 1 Narcotic. While selling, consuming, wearing, and processing...


Hi, I'm Chad, founder of Hemp Foods America.  In 2014, I moved from California to a small town in Kentucky where legislation for industrial hemp cultivation made it possible to bring hemp into the rotation.  As much as I tried to eat organic food and spend money to positively affect our industrial food system, I felt I could make a stronger contribution to solving the problem beyond being picky about what I ate.

When I arrived in New Castle, Kentucky, I was charged to see that the problems plaguing the rural agrarian community presented an opportunity to build a business around bringing hemp back into the agricultural economy and lead an organic rotation.  Creating jobs in a manufacturing facility to process a crop that was grown in nearby fields is the type of economic development that politicians talk about, but entrepreneurs and communities need to come together to build.


Your donation goes towards the costs associated with sowing and processing this year's crop.  We have acreage under contract and permits approved; now we need to purchase the viable seed, soil amendments, and implements to get things growing!
We've got all sorts of great "perks" for contributing to the campaign, ranging from yummy hemp foods to joining us here in Kentucky where you'll get to wander some hemp fields along the bourbon trail.
We are driven to be a productive step in restoring environmental and economic balance to our farmland, our food system, and nation's health.
Environmental: 7.5 tons of CO2 is sequestered from our atmosphere per acre of hemp.  Since the seeds we sell are organic and NON-GMO, growing does not require chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.
Economic: By bringing in an organic crop and highly valued commodity, we offer our local Kentucky farmers a fair purchase price for the organic hemp seed, making it one of Kentucky's most economical crop to grow. We do this by locally processing hemp into a food commodity that unlocks the market potential for hemp, land that produces it, and farmers that grow it. There are 68,000 small farmers in Kentucky that could see an increased income from sowing hemp,
Health: Hemp contains all 9 essential amino acids, Omega 3, 6, & 9s, and a high amount of fiber.  It has the second highest amount of protein of all plants, only second to soy.
Additionally, we work with non-profit groups, like The Berry Center in Henry County, KY, who are trying to implement market agreements, in which producers and processors bring this potential commodity crop into the agricultural mix. We are working to write the tenets that will be used as guidelines to govern mutual success, from sowing the seed to satisfying hunger. 


Right now, growing industrial hemp is only legal in a handful of states if permitted by the state's Department of Agriculture.  Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) still remains a Schedule 1 Narcotic.  While selling, consuming, wearing, and processing hemp remains legal, cultivating it does not.  Hemp Foods America is taking part in the dialogue to change this on the federal level.  While we are building the market, we have offshore partners that will ensure our orders are uninterrupted and our company launches smoothly.


Whether or not you can contribute to this campaign, sharing this campaign with your network is always a great way to get the word out and help us keep moving forward!

We really appreciate your support and hope a CROWD of us can impact this next harvest!