We went nuts!

Date Posted:14 October 2019 

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We went nuts!

We’ve been working on brand new tasty ways to bring hemp to your kitchen.
The newest of these being our new Nut spreads range with Hemp. 

We got sick of all the plain old boring nut spreads on the market so we decided to shake up the flavours and what we came up with was a deliciously addictive new range of Nut spreads with Hemp. 

If you’re nuts for nuts then we have the range for you, coming in four flavours, our Grounded Nut Spread range combines great taste with great texture to provide spreads that you’ll be eating by the spoonful.
Not only are these spreads great tasting, they are also full of goodness. In addition to the healthy fats provided by the nuts themselves, we also included Hemp seeds to add a burst of protein, fibre and omegas to every serve. 

What’s even more nuts is that these spreads are all natural, with no added colours or flavours, meaning you can enjoy these guilt free!

Check out our tasty flavours below and try them for yourself. 

Peanut Butter & Hemp Smooth
Peanut Butter & Hemp Crunchy
Almond, Chia & Hemp 
ABC & Hemp
Coconut, Cashew & Hemp Smooth
Cashew & Hemp Crunchy

Find these at independent retails such as Go Vita, or online at https://www.hempfoods.com.au/spreads/

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