Snack Bars Just Got Healthier...

Date Posted:2 October 2018 

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Snack Bars Just Got Healthier... With Essential Hemp


We're excited to launch our Organic Essential Hemp™ Snack Bar range, developed by a holistic nutritionist boasting 20% of hemp and 5g protein in each bar.

With unsurpassed nutritional benefits, the range of three flavours – Salted Caramel Crunch; Ginger Macadamia Turmeric; Choc Banana Coconut - has been created to provide the perfect snack for those leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

“Since hemp was legalised as a food in November 2017, we have been committed to creating a convenience product that showcases hemp in all its glory and doesn’t lose any of its nutritional benefits by undergoing any heating,” says Hemp Foods Australia General Manager, Felipe Favaro.

"We’re passionate about healthy, delicious and functional food and we’re thrilled with the final product.”


Essential Hemp™ Snack Bars tick all the boxes:

✓ Organic     ✓ Dairy Free    ✓ No Added Sugar     ✓ 20% hemp

✓ Raw    ✓ Gluten Free    ✓ 5g Protein    ✓ Non GMO    ✓ Omega 3, 6 & 9

✓ Vegan    ✓ Paleo    ✓  No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives


Discover for yourself why these bars are a ‘super’food. At only $3.95 you might aswell try all three :)


Learn more about the range from Nutritionist Jessica Valiant:





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