Hemp oil for external use

Bangalow, 11th November 2017

Dear Valued Customers,

It has been a long 18 year journey for Hemp Foods Australia in educating the general public and politicians about hemp seed products and its health benefits. We are really proud of the partnerships that we have created and now we get to share the benefits.

Your ongoing support was crucial in this journey without which we would not be able to see this change in legislation.

From tomorrow, 12th November, hemp foods are legal to be sold as food in Australia and New Zealand. We hope you celebrate with some hemp on you breakfast, lunch and dinner! Hemp Foods Australia can now supply the majority of our products as food and therefore GST will not be applicable. On Friday 10th November, we received the final conclusion from a professional advice in relation to our current packaging and labels and we were advised that our existing packaging for Dehulled Hemp Seeds, Hemp Protein Powder and Hemp Flour complies with food labelling standards. Due to our existing stock, you may still receive some products with the old white “not for food” label. These are being phased-out and will be sold as food from 12th November 2017.

The labels for our Hemp Seed Oil range, unfortunately, were deemed to be not suitable for the Australian food standards, as it clearly states the use as a massage oil or as a facial moisturizer. To avoid problems with ACCC and Food Standard Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) we decided that our range of hemp oil will still be sold as a cosmetic until new labels are printed and current stock is finalised. Therefore we will be selling our oils at old prices and GST will be applicable. We are working to have this issue solved as soon as possible. 

We would like you to join us in supporting consumers of hemp foods by informing them of how to use hemp as a food. We are updating our website and will be offering new recipes and artwork to support this through our nutritionists and influencers nationally.

Together – let’s hemp our country!


Hemp Foods Australia team. 

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