New and improved Hemp Seed Oil Capsules!



Pain Relief Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

Pain Relief Hemp Gold® Seed Oil Capsules

Plant-Based Omega Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

Plant-Based Omega Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

What's changed from our old hemp seed oil caps?

Our new Hemp Seed Oil Capsule range still uses our amazing Organic Hemp Gold® Seed Oil that we previously used but we have some exciting changes.

-We have upgraded our formulations.

-Changed from using a plastic bottle to a more recyclable-friendly glass bottle.

-We are now proudly made in Australia instead of New Zealand.

-Our two new capsule products are the only Hemp Seed Oil capsules listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods for supply in Australia.

-The Pain relief caps have the AUST L number 409837. 

-Plant-Based Omega Hemp Seed Oil Capsules have the AUSTL number 409836.

-The 'Plant-Based Omega capsules' are now made from a vegan-friendly cap.

-The 'Pain Relief capsules' is a new product reformulated using cold-pressed, 100% organic hemp seed oil, turmeric and black pepper contributing to its potent analgesic properties.