Here you will find items that can be ordered in bulk.

We also provide food manufacturers with high quality, certified organic and/or conventional hemp seed based products in large quantities. We pack our products in 20kg boxes, using food grade packaging that is vacuum sealed with modified armosphere to guarantee product quality.

If you are interested in learning how to add our hemp ingredients to your products, please contact us so we can assist you in your NPD project! 


It is the aim of Hemp Foods Australia to consistently provide high quality products and ensure customer and regulatory requirements are met. Our vision is to continually improve the quality of service to our customers.

Our aims are:

  • Create an environment of continual improvement via our Improvement Request Process
  • To standardize work practices & methods via standardised procedures
  • To promote a preventive risk based approach to minimise and control potential issues
  • To implement and maintain a Food Safety Management System in accordance with Australian Regulatory Requirements and the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • Ensure Safety of our personnel via proper training, awareness and equipment maintenance
  • Ensure transparent and ongoing communication with all stakeholders
  • Ensure our measurable objective of improved productivity with Zero Injuries and Serious Complaints
  • Ensure an environment where food safety is considered paramount to provide safe, authentic products of the quality desired by the customer
  • To develop a plan for the continual improvement of food safety culture


To achieve these aims Hemp Foods maintains an effective food safety and quality management system which complies with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.