Finally, Saving The World Made Easy - Buy Hemp!

Hemp literally has thousands of beneficial uses. Food, fibre, fuel, fabrics, furniture, medicine, building materials, paper, bio-plastics and the list goes on. This plant does it all.

While doing all this Hemp removes more CO2 from the air than trees do and is highly pest, weed and drought resistant. So, unlike corn, cotton, soy, wheat and rice, Hemp uses a lot less water and doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides. It also yields food that is more nutritious than all these others combined and isn’t plagued by their allergies.

This chart compares the maximum amount of CO2 (in thousands of Kg) captured from the atmosphere by a hectare of Hemp with a hectare of Wheat and a hectare of Pine trees. What’s more, the amount of CO2 captured by roots and leaf mulch which gets left in the soil when a Hemp crop is harvested more than offsets the CO2 produced by the farm machinery required to harvest the crop.

A hectare of Hemp, which reaches maturity in 90 days captures approximately ten times as much CO2 as a hectare of Pine Trees which take 20 years to reach maturity.


Hemp leaves contain arguably the most potent and versatile medicine ever to exist and the stalks yield a fibre that can be turned into just about anything. To top things off a no-waste Hemp crop even detoxifies the ground it grows in and improves top soil. Some would say that’s check-mate, game over, Hemp wins.


What It Does For Our Planet Every Time You Buy Hemp

Each year Hemp Foods Australia uses over 178 million Hemp plants which equates to over 1.6 million plants per day. 

This results in over 40 thousand kilograms of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere each day. Compared to using this land for Cotton, it saves over 9 million litres of water.


If Only The ‘Lucky’ Country Would Become The ‘Common Sense’ Country

In 2013, Australia - the driest inhabited continent on Earth - grew 444,000 hectares of Genetically Modified water-hungry Cotton. If that had been Hemp (100% of our Hemp is non-GMO):


CO2 - Hemp Seeds vs. Your Car

Let’s assume, like many Australians you drive a Holden Commodore. According to the Holden website, every kilometre you drive in a new Commodore releases 0.185 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians drive on average 269km per week. Based on our new Commodore example this releases 50kg of CO2 into the air (assuming ideal driving conditions).


Every Hemp Foods Australia product you buy reduces your Carbon Footprint. For example, every time you buy a 1Kg bag of Hemp Seeds and a 500ml bottle of Hemp Oil, you remove 70kg of CO2 from the air; more than what your car produces in a whole week.

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