Our New Seed Mix Range

Are you looking to get nuts, fruits and seeds into your diet, but not sure what mix is right for you?  Are you looking for a little variety in the meals you have every day? These are just some of the reasons why we created these handy, delicious seed mixes. Whether you are looking to support your gut health, need an omega boost, a protein power-up, or a seed mix that gives you antioxidant benefits, there's a mix that's right for you!

Omega Seed Mix 200g

Omega Seed Mix

Antioxidant Seed Mix 180g

Antioxidant Seed Mix

Protein Seed Mix 200g

Protein Seed Mix

Gut Health Seed Mix 180g

Gut Health Seed Mix

Serving suggestions

Here are just some of the meals our seed mixes go perfectly with. But trust us when we say you can add them to anything!