Protein is regarded as a ‘macro’ nutrient meaning it should make up a large portion of your nutrient intake. The quality of the protein you eat should, therefore, be somewhat of a priority, particularly for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and athletes, who require even higher amounts of protein to keep their body strong and lean.

Our range of Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powders not only contain a lot of protein (ranging from 42%-54%) but as a plant-based protein source, it is nutritionally superior to most, if not all other plant-based protein sources, owing to several factors that are summarised and discussed here.


Our Hemp Protein is a Wholefood

Our range of Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powders are made without chemical processing and simply involves mechanical pressing, grinding and filtering (and blending for some products). This is possible because our Certified Organic Hemp Seeds are one of the highest source of plant-based protein in its raw format! It is therefore still a wholefood even at 40-60% protein content because it retains all the necessary components for proper digestion and assimilation. 



Our Hemp Protein is a Complete Protein

Our range of Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powders are a complete protein, as they all have all nine essential amino acids that humans are required to get from food! These amino acids are also referred as the building blocks of proteins and are needed for vital processes in your body such as building muscle and regulating immune function.

We have found one study that suggests that the amino acid profile of hemp protein is similar to egg whites, which is considered a high-quality protein source.


Our Hemp Protein is highly digestible

Hemp is the only plant to create and store its protein in the form of Edestin and Albumin. These are the forms that the human body already uses for the proteins in our blood and immune system and are therefore easily recognized and processed using minimal amounts of energy. Different researches (1, 2) show that between 91% and 98% of the hemp protein is digestible. 

Regardless of how much protein a powder contains, if your body cannot absorb it into its cells and/or it causes damage to your body, it is a waste of your time consuming it. The combination of Hemp’s highly digestible Edestin and Albumin protein with naturally occurring dietary fibre, abundance of naturally occurring digestive aids and zero sodium gives your body the best possible chance of taking what goes in your mouth and putting it to good use without causing any harm.


Our Hemp Protein is Non-GMO

Soya Beans are about 13% protein when freshly picked. This increases to about 37% protein after being dried to remove moisture. Sounds pretty good, but Soya Beans:


Our Hemp Protein is Tasty! 

Our regular Certified Organic Hemp Protein powder is dark-green in colour and has a nutty taste that many people enjoy and it's best consumed blended with other ingredients. We have also launched our Certified Organic Flavoured Hemp Protein range that comes in 3 different flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Unflavored (creamy)! 

We are sure you will love our Hemp Protein Powders!

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