Farming Hemp In Australia

Although this current seasons farming contracts are complete (we have contracted the largest ever hemp crops in the Southern Hemisphere thanks to you), we are still ready to talk with you about our next crops.

If you are interested in growing industrial hemp seed in Australia - you are in the right place. As our Company grows rapidly, we are looking for more certified organic hemp farmers in Australia with 50 acres (we prefer 100+) of irrigated land (minimal water usage) with access to good quality seeding equipment and headers.

Hemp Foods Australia contracts farmers throughout Australia to produce whole hemp seeds for our production facility. We guarantee to purchase all the seed you grow. Depending on your location and capabilities we may also purchase the stalk from you as well.

Please complete the form below and we will be in contact as soon as the opportunity arises:

If you have not already learn't / read about growing hemp - you may want to checkout this eBook - Growing Hemp For Profit where you can learn more about the facts, potentials, returns based on real farmers and experiences.