Farming Hemp In Australia

Hemp Foods Australia believes it can be a major global competitor in the hemp industry worldwide and is committed to increase and support hemp farming in Australia. Our aim is to support organically grown first, or in a  sustainable way that is in harmony with nature - the Australian way!


As an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) company, we're committed to sourcing the best quality ingredients. We aim to always source local first, however at this stage, local supply of Certified Organic Hemp is not able to keep up with the current demand (everyone wants to try nutritious, organic hemp)! We are committed to bringing you the best quality products and with the independent ACO stamp of approval, you can be assured that all our products meet the strict compliance requirements. We thank all our customers for their support and understanding as we work towards growing a local organic hemp farming industry in Australia.

Learn more about our farming process in the videos below as our growers share their knowledge.


Hemp & Soil

Growing Diamonds in the Soil. The roots (pun intended) of good hemp farming is the soil, and not simply NPK, and on the driest continent on Earth - Australian hemp farming expert considers soil microbiology, compost (40,000 tons of it) and mineral density is key.



Hemp & Water

Growing hemp in the driest continent in the world is possible when you increase the water holding capacity of the soil. Learn why one of Australia's most common fertilizers Urea kills our soil, and how alternatives simply sequester carbon and nitrogen in the soil




Modern Hemp Farming

Soil restoration through the use of organic compost and no till farming. Healthy soils leads to healthy plants and this is part of Hemp Foods Australia's mission to create the best hemp foods ever!




Hemp in Harmony with Nature

Working in harmony with nature, Hemp Foods Australia farmer Harry Youngman is creating a sustaianable hemp industry in numerous industries - from food and skincare to bioplastics and fuel.







Although this current seasons farming contracts are complete, we are still interested to talk with you about our next crops.

As our Company grows rapidly, we are looking for more certified organic hemp farmers in Australia with 50 acres (we prefer 100+) of irrigated land (minimal water usage) with access to good quality seeding equipment, headers, and access to seed drying/cleaning/sorting facilities. Please contact if you have capabilities to grown Hemp in certified organic areas.