Our Rewards Program gives you access to exclusive offers, and you can earn points to redeem for discounts on your orders. With 3 levels of membership, the benefits increase as you progress through each level. Scroll for full details on what each level has access to and how to earn points.

Shop & Earn

Earn points
for every $1



Membership levels


Spend up to $149 per year. Earn 1 point per $1


Spend up to $150-$349+ per year. Earn 1.5 points per $1


Spend up to $350+ per year. Earn 2 points per $1

Rewards you can enjoy!

Friends Family VIP
Offers < $149/year $150-$349+ / year $350+ / year
Points earned per $1 spent 1 1.5 2
Birthday gift 100 points 150 points 200 points
Exclusive offers Yes Yes
Referral Program
They receive $15 voucher $15 $15 $15
They receive $15 voucher $15 $15 $15
Every 100 points is $10 vouchers
Points expire 12 months after your last order

How to earn points!

Place Orders

+Points per dollar

Like us on Facebook

+25 Points

Follow us on Instagram

+25 Points

Celebrate a Birthday

+100 points (+150 Family, +200 VIP)

Leave a Review

+50 Points

Rewards Q&A

Simply create an account and you’re in the club. Start spending to earn points and rewards. Please note at this time, the reward program is not available to wholesale customer.

There’s no cost to join, but to qualify for the benefits in each membership level, you must spend to required amount.

You can find out what tier you are in by clicking the rewards icon in the bottom left of the screen. The levels are based on the amount you have spent in the last 12 months from when the rewards program started.

Friends level is for customers who have spent between $1 and $149, Family level is for customers who have spent between $150 and $349 and VIP level is for customers who have spent over $350 in the last 12 months (from when the rewards program started).

Earning points is simple & you can earn them a number of ways. Shopping on our website is the easiest way & the level you are in will determine how many points you earn per $1 you spend. You can also earn points by following us on Instagram, liking our Facebook page, celebrating your birthday or referring a friend.

Once logged in, use the widget on the left hand side and scroll down to ‘refer your friend’. Use the unique code to send to a friend via the widget or by copying and pasting the code. Once they make their first purchase, you will receive your referral reward.

Make sure your friend has made their purchase. Rewards will then be sent automatically to your account email address. Please also check your junk mail.

You can redeem your points for discounts on your orders. For every 100 points you have, you can earn $10 off.

You can redeem up to 500 points at a time which would provide you with a $50 off reward.

To access rewards once you have enough points, you will be prompted to redeem your points for a reward. Once you redeem your points, you will be provided a unique discount code to use at checkout for your next order. Your available rewards will be accessible via the ‘See Rewards’ button until you have used the discount code or it has expired.

Aside from earning points to redeem for discounts on your next orders, there are a number of other benefits depending on the Level of your membership. You can receive early access to products, exclusive offers only for members and entry to member-only competitions.

No, sorry. Your points are not transferable and are attached to your customer account.

You can use your rewards points with selected offers. Offers that you cannot use your rewards points with will be specified with that particular offer. Rewards are also able to be used in conjunction with marked down items.

No, you are only able to redeem one reward at a time.

If you return items from an order or cancel your order, the points you earned will automatically be deducted from your balance.

Please email us at info@hempfoods.com.au and we assist with your enquiry.

No, you can only earn points on purchases you make after joining the program.

Although unlikely, please note the Hemp Foods Australia reserves the right to change or withdraw the rewards program and offers at anytime.