Sweet potato and hemp protein choc mousse image

Sweet potato and hemp protein choc mousse

Sweet potato and hemp protein choc mousse
Created in partnership with sports nutritionist 'Naturally Nina'.
This sweet potato and hemp protein CHOC MOUSSE is going to be your new favourite thing
Packed full of fibre, plant protein, omega 3 fats, magnesium and iron, it’s not only super nutritious but also rich + filling, genuinely feels like eating chocolate mousse for breakfast.
Nina used our Choc Hemp Protein  for it’s amazing amino acid and micronutrient profile ~ something really important to her after training to support optimal recovery
Some facts on the micros:
-Sweet potato: High in vitamin A, B6 + C, manganese, fibre.
-Hemp Foods Australia Choc Hemp Protein: high in magnesium, zinc, iron, omega 3s.
-Hemp seeds: high in zinc, omega 3s, iron + magnesium.
-250g cooked sweet potato, peeled
-1 scoop (30g) Choc Hemp Protein
-100g soy yoghurt
-Refrigerate if your prefer to eat is cool.
Blend together until super smooth + creamy, then top with:
-More soy yoghurt
-Frozen berries or other fruit of choice
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