5 Tips for a Healthier 2022

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Health tends to be on the top of most people's agenda when starting a new year, and so it should be as it's about looking after the most important person, you. When it comes to health, we of course include your body and your mind. Here are a few tips that may help you reach your health goals in 2022.

1) Positive social media:

positive social media

Unfollow social media accounts that might make you feel down about yourself. You have control when it comes to social media, so start to follow the accounts that make you feel good about yourself and unfollow ones that makes you feel less about yourself. 

2) Walking meeting:

walking meeting

 With many people working from home or even people that are in an office, a walking meeting is a great way to get your steps up while still being productive. It could be with other colleagues, friends or on the phone.

3) Refresh yourself.

Refresh yourself

Feeling overwhelmed or just a bit foggy with your thinking? Try a splash of cold water, you’ll be amazed at what it can do to help you feel refreshed. For the really brave, try a cold shower every so often. 

4) Sneaky healthy.

A way to supercharge a smoothie (beyond your usual hemp seeds and protein of course…;) is a table spoon of hemp oil. You’ll barely notice the difference in texture or flavour but the health benefits are there...


5) One a day. 

one goal a day.

Our health and wellness goals often fall away when we take on too many. Try just one thing per day. It might be drinking more water, taking time to focus on breathing, time off your screens, calling an old friend, following a new recipe. There’s an endless list, but just picking one a day can help you set a manageable and diverse/fun goals!


Good luck and happy 2022 from the Hemp Foods Australia team xx

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