Hemp Foods Australia listed on the ASX

By Hemp Foods Australia
Jan 09, 2018

Hemp Foods Australia has listed on the ASX under our parent company Elixinol Global Limited (ASX:EXL)

What an exciting time... we've got big plans going forward as we work together with EXL and our sister companies, one of whom has an established reputation producing high quality CBD nutraceutical products in the US market; with plans to replicate similar here under the medical cannabis legislation.
Incase you were wondering who's in the pic, that's Paul Benhaim on the left (founder of Hemp Foods Aus, and CEO of Elixinol Global Limited), Linda McLeod (Managing Director of EXL) and Gabriel Ettenson, GM of Elixinol LLC. For more info please visit www.elixinolglobal.com"

Official announcement below...



Newly formed Elixinol Global begins trading on Australian Securities Exchange 

Colorado-Based Elixinol LLC, joins forces with Hemp Foods Australia and Elixinol Australia to form Elixinol Global. 

Intending to serve the growing global cannabis market, Elixinol Global (ASX: EXL) is comprised of Elixinol LLC, with distribution of hemp-based CBD products in 27 countries, Hemp Foods Australia and Elixinol Pty Ltd. Elixinol Global provides investors with access to global markets in the emerging sectors of hemp-based dietary supplements and skin care, hemp food products and medical cannabis products. 

“With global exports of Australian medical marijuana now approved, the world will soon have single-source access to best in class medical marijuana and hemp products from Elixinol, one of the world’s most trusted brands,” said Paul Benhaim, CEO of Elixinol Global. 


“Paul Benhaim, widely recognised as one of the earliest global hemp advocates, is a founder in all three of these companies. It is time to offer investors an opportunity to take advantage of the collective footprint in these revolutionary emerging global markets while capitalising on potential efficiencies,” said Ron Dufficy, CFO of Elixinol Global. 


Under the new organization, Australian-based Hemp Foods Australia will continue to be a global manufacturer and distributor of quality hemp food products and skin care. Elixinol LLC will continue to be the global bulk and retail provider of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) dietary supplements and topical products from US and European hemp. Newly formed Elixinol Pty Ltd will provide medical marijuana exported from Australia into regulated markets across the globe. 


“Elixinol LLC and Hemp Foods Australia have been leading the industry with best in class sourcing and testing since their respective inceptions and Elixinol Pty Ltd will provide the same assurances for global medical marijuana patients,” said Benhaim. 

“This means our global customers will see increased access to the same great products they’re using in their daily lives, with a continued focus on research and development of new products that meet the demands of active healthy lifestyles,” continued Benhaim. 


“We’ve worked very hard to make Elixinol one of the most trusted CBD brands in the world. Elixinol Global is only the beginning of expanded opportunities for investors, strategic partners and our global customers.” continued Benhaim. 


For further information, please visit: WWW.ELIXINOLGLOBAL.COM

About Elixinol Global 

Elixinol Global Limited (ASX: EXL) through its businesses has a global presence in the cannabis industry including hemp, CBD dietary supplements, food and wellness products, as well as the cultivation and manufacture of medicinal cannabis products. Elixinol Global’s businesses include: 

• Elixinol LLC, which was founded in 2014, is a global manufacturer and distributor of industrial hemp based dietary supplement and skincare products, with operations based out of Colorado, USA; 

• Hemp Foods Australia Pty Ltd, which was founded in 1999, is the largest hemp food wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and exporter in the southern hemisphere of bulk and branded raw materials and finished products; and, 

• Elixinol Pty Ltd, which was founded in 2014 to participate in the emerging Australian medicinal cannabis market.