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Now I know hummus isn’t anything new,  but this is a shout out to the most timeless, universal, delicious, nutritious, affordable and just damn simple dishes you can be making for your whole family.
I grew up for the first 19 years of my life, directly surrounded by Lebanese food so I know first hand how good hummus is as a toddler, teen & adult. The addition of hemp seeds and hemp seed oil not only makes it super creamy, it adds so much extra nutrition. I've been giving it to my two kids for years now - my 4 year old can even make it herself. For them I keep it simple and put it in their lunch boxes with cucumber sticks and crackers or on their dinner plate with olives, some rice & veggies. 
For teenagers, nothng beats a kebab. Hummus makes the perfect foundation wrapped with chicken, lettuce, tomato & cheese.It's great thrown down at a bbq as well and a good thing to teach your teens to make. One of those life skills they will find invaluable. 
Now as we venture into our adult lives and watch countless cooking shows, we start wanting to add that little bit of a wow factor. Hummus can do this. Try loading your hummus with everything from tomatoes, olives, feta, pomegranates, fresh herbs, hemp seeds, grilled vegetables, pickles, seafood, bbq or slow cooked lamb. Use it as a base then load it with colour, textures and flavours. It will become the front and centre of any table and a very impressive dish that is desptively simple. 
Chef, Tom Walton @cheftomwalton

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8 February 2019

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