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Your Hemp Stories. Meet Karin: me, surfing & hemp seeds.

My name is Karin and I would love to share with you how much the hemp seeds from Hemp Foods Australia have enabled me to lead a fit and healthy life, despite my health issues.

Since I can remember, I had problems tolerating foods and I had my first anaphylactic shock at primary school age. In those days people didn’t know much about allergies and it wasn’t explained to me what was going on. I learnt to listen to my own body and find foods that were good for my health. As soon as hemp was used in bread flour where I grew up in Switzerland, I went through big efforts to buy this hemp bread.

Many years later, living in Byron Bay, it was a great discovery when I tried the hemp seeds from Hemp Foods Australia. It turned out to be the only food I could eat any time of the day without having a reaction.

Reacting to foods is only a little part of my complex health issue. Many of my organs are affected by severe reactions caused by a huge amount of different triggers, and the way I keep functioning despite those reactions is through daily surfing and spending time in and around the ocean.

As a keen surfer and surf coach, I burn a lot of energy. Eating hemp seeds makes me feel healthy and strong. People around me usually have no idea how serious my health issue actually is, as I am often able to perform in a very fit way.

A few years ago, when my allergies and intolerances got worse and worse after a hospital procedure, I could only tolerate 12 foods; hemp seeds were the only protein rich food on this list. I tried different brands of hemp seeds, but the version of the ingredients and the packaging of the Hemp Foods Australia product was the only one which totally agree with me.

The high-quality level of organic seeds chosen by the company guarantee a good product. Additionally, the quality of the packaging means the seeds stay fresh and unchanged for a very long time. I do not know how I could have made it through this difficult time without this product! I am so grateful for those seeds!

Luckily, my digestion has improved since, but hemp seeds are still my staple food.

If you are interested in my health story which is much more complex than you have just read about, you can watch short clips or find out more here:

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