Hemp Foods Australia in the Community

Jul 12, 2018

Hemp Foods Australia in the Community

At Hemp Foods Australia, it is our mission to make a positive difference to people and the planet every day. We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, nutritious food and that we all have our role to play in supporting each other and coming together as a community.

We have been working with Synergy Group, a not-for-profit Australian Disability Enterprise for six years and have recently begun a relationship with Liberation Larder, a food rescue and food lifeline service. We want to share the amazing work these two organisaions do and our small part in helping them enrich the lives of others.

Meet Sarah, General Manager, Synergy Group

Q: How long has Synergy been working with Hemp Foods Australia?

We started our relationship with Hemp Foods Australia back in November 2012, so almost six years ago. We look forward to continuing  and growing our relationship with HFA for many more to come.

Q: What roles do your employees fulfill for Hemp Foods Australia?

At Synergy Group, we provide food packaging solutions from our factory located in South Tweed Heads. Our supported employees can be found busily packing various sizes and samples of hemp seeds, hemp protein and hemp flour, assempling cartons and packing the products to be shipped back to Hemp Foods Australia. We always ensure a high quality service with a fast turnaround time.

Q: How many jobs does the relationship with HFA create for your employees?

Our ongoing relationship with HFA has ensured permanent employment for around 25 of our supported employees. Having our regular orders from HFA goes a long way towards us making the difference that we do to so many people's lives here. As a not-for-profit Australian Disability Enterprise, all of our supported employees are living with lifelong disabilites. At Synergy Group we provide employment along with ongoing support and training to people living with disabilities, allowing them to contribute and feel part of the community in which they live. Many of our supported employees would not find work out in open employment, but with our support and the work that companies such as HFA provide, have thrived and reached personal goals they would never have thought possible. We ensure our supported empployees are give the respect and opportunities they deserve.

"I was very shy with no friends. I didn't really know how to play by the rules, I got caught up with the wrong crowds, but through Synergy Group offering me my role 9 years ago, I have found myself to exceed in life. It has really helped me with my life-skills to be more independent and that is all thanks to working at Synergy Group. I would never be in the position I am today wihtout their training and development. It has honestly changed my life for the very best." Tabatha Sercombe, Supported Employee

Click here for NBN News segment about how our hemp seeds are being used at Liberation Larder, Byron Bay.

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