The Role of Hemp When Eating a Raw Food Diet

Date Posted:31 July 2018 

The Role of Hemp When Eating a Raw Food Diet main image The Role of Hemp When Eating a Raw Food Diet image

I have been following a plant based raw food diet for seven years and truly believe it's the magic ingredient to health, abundant energy, radiance, vitality, vivaciousness, glowing complexion and pain-free living. It's something that you too can adopt immediately and feel results instantly. It requires no surgery, no unaffordable long term repayment plan and no appointment to begin.

Raw foods are 100% natural, whole food, free of gluten and dairy and categorised as land and sea vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds and some legumes that haven't been heated about 40 degrees celsius - the temperature that's thought to degrade the unique living enzymes, phytonutrients (gives food their colour) and antioxidants in food. The mix of these life-giving nutrients in food is what's believed to contribute to the zestful energy and wellbeing that many report feeling when following a raw food diet.

A diet rich in whole, living foods have enormous disease-fighting potential due to their non-inflammatory nature. Given inflammation is the primary cause of degenerative disease, the more non-inflammatory, colourful, living foods we consume, the slower the degradation of the body. Furthermore, eating a plant-centric diet contributes to an increase in dietary fibre, which helps feed our gut micro-biome and aid in bowel regularity.

Hemp is a natural, plant-based, raw, whole, non-inflammatory, hypoallergenic food. Given its unsurpasssed nutrients like Omega 3,6,9, complete protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, hemp is a powerful superfood in the plant kingdom and an essential food to meet your dietary needs when adopting a raw food diet.

Eating raw is simple but to achieve balance and nourish the cells with all the necessary nutrients, adding hemp to your morning smoothie or on top of your salad is as easy as plant-based pie!

Written by Jessica Valiant - Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Raw/Vegan Culinary Expert. Jessica has been living a plant-based raw/vegan diet for over seven years and formerly owned a raw food restaurant in Ontario, Canada where she also taught raw food cooking classes and developed a meal-to-go program allowing the community to challenge themselves to eat raw for five days. Jessica has been featured on TV and radio and contributed to articles for well known online and magazine publications. She loves whole foods and is dedicated to spreading her passion for healthy living to others.

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