Hemp Farming In Australia

By Hemp Foods Australia

Hemp Foods Australia believes it can be a major global competitor in the hemp industry worldwide and is committed to increase and support hemp farming in Australia. Our aim is to support organically grown first, or in a  sustainable way that is in harmony with nature - the Australian way!



Growing Diamonds in the Soil.

The roots (pun intended) of good hemp farming is the soil, and not simply NPK, and on the driest continent on Earth - Australian hemp farming expert considers soil microbiology, compost (40,000 tons of it) and key minerals.


Hemp & water

Growing hemp in the driest continent in the world is possible when you increase the water holding capacity of the soil. Learn why one of Australia's most common fertilizers Urea kills our soil, and how alternatives simply sequester carbon and nitrogen in the soil.


Redefining modern farming

Soil restoration through compost and no till farming! Healthy soil leads to healthy plants and this is part of Hemp Foods Australia's mission to create the best hemp foods ever!


Working in harmony with nature. 

Hemp Foods Australia farmer Harry Youngman is creating a sustainable hemp industry in numerous industries - from food and skincare to bioplastics and fuel!

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8 February 2019

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