Three ultimate hemp shakes image

Three ultimate hemp shakes

Three ultimate hemp shakes by Simon Toohey


These three hemp shakes are super simple but pack a protein punch. The hardest part will be picking your favourite! Different ingridents but same simple method to make. Let us know which you is your fav.

Choc naan 


  • ½ tsp cinnamon 

  • 150ml Hemp milk or milk of choice (Try making your own hemp milk - here)

  • 5 good size ice cubes 

Vanilla Maple 


  • 3 tbls oats 

  • 10 almonds 

  • 150ml hemp milk or milk of choice 

  • 5 ice cubes 

Mixed berry! 


  • 4 strawberries frozen or fresh 

  • 1tbls tahini 

  • 10 cashews 

  • 2 tbls chosen sweetener 

  • 150ml oat milk or milk of choice 

  • 5 ice cubes 


With all of these recipes:  Place all ingredients in a blender or bullet and blitz until smooth - about 30 seconds.   

Pour into a glass and finish with a sprinkle of hemp seeds.