How to Use Hemp Products

Can I / should I sprout Hemp Seeds?

Hemp is one of the only seeds that does not need sprouting to become enzymatically active. Also, the seeds that we sell have had the germ separated from them so will not grow into a plant if you attempt to sprout them or plant them in the ground.

Can I freeze Hemp Seeds?

Yes, the seeds are suitable for freezing. In fact it will extend their shelf life well beyond the usual 12 months.

Do I need to soak Hemp Seeds?

There is really no need to soak Hemp Seeds, they are already so soft and digestible - super easy to use.

Do you sell Hemp Milk or know how to make it?

Due to current legislation Australia is one of the last places on Earth where delicious healthy non-drug Hemp Milk is not allowed to be consumed, so it cannot be purchased in Australia at this time.

You can however buy non-drug Hemp Seeds from us and use them to make Hemp Milk yourself.

Please enjoy this free recipe book which includes a free recipe for Hemp Milk. Or you may read our hemp seed recipe page here and learn about hemp milk. And finally on our hemp nutrition page you can find a comparison of hemp milk and cow's milk.

Note - until such time as legislation in Australia changes you may only use homemade Hemp Milk for making cosmetic products (like our hemp soaps). Your overseas friends may use Hemp Milk on breakfast cereals, milk shakes, home-made ice cream, raw vegan sauces and more.

How do I use Hemp products to make skincare?

Take a look at the following links:

And for a hemp skincare products, check out Sativa Skincare:

Is it ok to cook with Hemp Oil?

We are aware that at least one manufacturer promotes the use of their Hemp oil in frying and baking claiming that the oil does not get damaged. The temperature of frying oil can reach 200 degrees in seconds. It does not start to produce smoke until it reaches 250 degrees which is their rationale for saying it can be used for frying - however, who is to say oils only get damaged when they are smoking and about to catch on fire? Does your skin have to catch on fire before getting damaged from excessive sun exposure?

We recommend you do NOT cook with Hemp oil.

It can however be added to hot foods eg. you have just served up a bowl of steaming rice and vegetables; pour Hemp Oil over it just before you eat it to get all the benefits of the oil without it suffering any nutritional degradation.

Is it ok to use Hemp Protein Powder in baking?

Because Hemp Protein powder has had much of the oil removed, Protein Powder is far less affected by heat than Hemp Seeds or Hemp Oil. We have heard of many people successfully incorporating organic hemp protein powder in baking breads, cakes and other goods when blending with regular organic flour.

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